About me

Hello there, and welcome to my website. My name is Simona Radeva. I’m 19. I am originally from Varna, Bulgaria, but I currently reside in Lexington, Virginia and am an undergrad student at Washington and Lee University. I write (mostly), sing, dance, travel, and constantly reinvent myself. 

My academic interests include Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences, and Digital Humanities. Oh, and the Arts.

Some of the places I’ve lived in include (but are not limited to):

  • Dilijan, Armenia
  • The MV World Odyssey – the floating campus of the Semester at Sea study abroad program
  • Wincanton, UK
  • Sofia, Bulgaria

Me in a nutshell: I am a creativity-driven, perfection-pursuing wanderer of the world, aiming to use my artistic, research and writing skills to generate ideas and bring development in the fields of the media, communications, and creative industries. I’ve experienced several distinct educational systems and travelled to more than 20 countries around the World, which really helped expand my horizons and contributed to my higher cultural competence. 

My personal mission statement: “To push myself out of my comfort zone with everything I do in order to collect authentic, meaningful experiences, travel, inquire, and introspect. To use my curiosity and creativity to bring about new discoveries and positive change while staying true to myself and to others.”

Did I already say that I love writing? 

Here, if you wanna read some terrible poetry (by me and others):

Also, find me on social media:

Instagram: simonaraad
Facebook: Simona Radeva