One Day of Web Interactions

            This morning I woke up to the latest alarm I had set and amidst the half-awake, half-asleep state that I was in, I looked at my Instagram… Yikes. I only realized that I had checked my social media first thing in the morning when I remembered I had to log every interaction with the Internet today. Believe it or not, I don’t normally open my eyes and look at Instagram. Indeed, I hate the fact that checking your social media has become the equivalent of opening the fridge and looking for food when you’re not really hungry – a mechanical action. Just something to do when you have nothing to do. And I know I do that way too many times every day. I even failed to count the total today, simply because I often do it unconsciously.
            My next interaction with the Internet today was to access an assignment I needed for class that was stored in one of the learning management systems that we use to facilitate the whole process of ‘learning.’ Those particular systems have been widely adopted by the school and are thus enforced on us to use, so to be fully honest I have been taking them for granted and not really questioning whether using them affects us on a deeper level. They’re a good organizing tool more than anything and help us stay on top of things. I have to admit that staying connected through the Internet facilitates a lot of my daily tasks and processes. I had 4 hours of work-study today and the only way for my supervisor to assign me my tasks in an organized, interactive format was in an online task management system. That helped me complete the tasks in a timely manner and her – monitor the process. I also enter my working hours online so I can actually get paid. (Which makes it even better.)
            The Internet also facilitates interpersonal communication and keeps me connected with people miles and miles away that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate with. For example, thanks to this app called Viber, I managed to call my mom today and talk to her for free even though she’s on the other end of the Earth. What a crazy concept. Of course, the Net also helps me stay connected with the people around me. I use it every day, including today, to text my friends in order to plan things together and simply see what they’re up to. God bless Messenger for helping me keep my FOMO levels down. But seriously, in such a hectic environment like college it really helps to stay connected in order to have an idea of what’s going on and/or where your friends are.
            On a finishing note, I also got to spend an hour without my phone anywhere near me today during PE class. No Internet, no social media, no notifications – nothing. I managed to disconnect from all of it and connect with my body instead. Highly recommend.

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